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  1. Adult-type hypolactasia, the physiological decline of lactase some time after weaning, was previously associated with the LCT -13910C>T polymorphism worldwide except in Africa. Lactase non-persistence is the m...

    Authors: Rejane Mattar, Maria S Monteiro, Cibele A Villares, Aníbal F Santos, Joyce MK Silva and Flair J Carrilho
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:46
  2. The glycaemic response to foods is dependent on the quality and content of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in the form of dietary fibre have favourable effects on insulin and glucose metabolism and may help to co...

    Authors: Netta Lummela, Riina A Kekkonen, Tiina Jauhiainen, Taru K Pilvi, Tuula Tuure, Salme Järvenpää, Johan G Eriksson and Riitta Korpela
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:45
  3. Poor growth of children in developing countries is a major public health problem associated with mortality, morbidity and developmental delay. We describe growth up to three years of age and investigate factor...

    Authors: Andrea M Rehman, Beryl P Gladstone, Valsan P Verghese, Jayaprakash Muliyil, Shabbar Jaffar and Gagandeep Kang
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:44
  4. Strawberry flavonoids are potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that have been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors in prospective cohort studies. Effects of strawberry supplementatio...

    Authors: Arpita Basu, Marci Wilkinson, Kavitha Penugonda, Brandi Simmons, Nancy M Betts and Timothy J Lyons
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:43
  5. Rye products have previously been shown to induce comparatively low post-prandial insulin responses; irrespectively of their glycaemic indices (GI). However, the mechanism behind this lowered insulin demand re...

    Authors: Liza AH Rosén, Lorena O Blanco Silva, Ulrika K Andersson, Cecilia Holm, Elin M Östman and Inger ME Björck
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:42
  6. The acid-ash hypothesis posits that increased excretion of "acidic" ions derived from the diet, such as phosphate, contributes to net acidic ion excretion, urine calcium excretion, demineralization of bone, an...

    Authors: Tanis R Fenton, Andrew W Lyon, Michael Eliasziw, Suzanne C Tough and David A Hanley
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:41
  7. Recent studies have demonstrated a correlation between perceived stress and oxidative stress. As SOD is the main enzyme of the enzymatic antioxidant defence system of the body, we evaluated the effect of an or...

    Authors: Marie-Anne Milesi, Dominique Lacan, Hervé Brosse, Didier Desor and Claire Notin
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:40
  8. Several studies report that dietary fibre from different sources promotes the feeling of satiety and suppresses hunger. However, results for cereal fibre from rye are essentially lacking. The aim of the presen...

    Authors: Hanna Isaksson, Helena Fredriksson, Roger Andersson, Johan Olsson and Per Åman
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:39
  9. The objective of this clinical study was to assess the potential benefit of a dietary supplement, NP 06-1, on joint health in overweight and normal weight adults diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

    Authors: Julius Oben, Ebangha Enonchong, Shil Kothari, Walter Chambliss, Robert Garrison and Deanne Dolnick
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:38
  10. Fatty acid measurements especially trans fatty acid has gained interest in recent times. Among the various available biomarkers, adipose tissue is considered to be the best for the long term dietary intake but...

    Authors: Ruby Gupta, Ransi Ann Abraham, Savita Dhatwalia, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, Dorairaj Prabhakaran and Kolli Srinath Reddy
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:35
  11. Whey protein is a potential source of bioactive peptides. Based on findings from in vitro experiments indicating a novel whey derived peptide (NOP-47) increased endothelial nitric oxide synthesis, we tested its e...

    Authors: Kevin D Ballard, Richard S Bruno, Richard L Seip, Erin E Quann, Brittanie M Volk, Daniel J Freidenreich, Diana M Kawiecki, Brian R Kupchak, Min-Yu Chung, William J Kraemer and Jeff S Volek
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:34
  12. In the last decade we have been working on standardization of propolis extract and determination of active constituents of wine those are rich in polyphenolics and have nutritional as well as therapeutic value...

    Authors: Marica Medić-Šarić, Vesna Rastija, Mirza Bojić and Željan Maleš
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:33
  13. Certain foods might be more frequently eaten under stress or when higher levels of depressive symptoms are experienced. We examined whether poor nutritional habits are associated with stress and depressive sym...

    Authors: Rafael T Mikolajczyk, Walid El Ansari and Annette E Maxwell
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:31
  14. The incidence of primary osteoporosis is higher in Japan than in USA and European countries. Recently, the importance of preventive medicine has been gradually recognized in the field of orthopaedic surgery wi...

    Authors: Junji Ohtani, Rene Arturo Marquez Hernandez, Hiroko Sunagawa, Tadashi Fujita, Toshitsugu Kawata, Masato Kaku, Masahide Motokawa, Natsumi Tsuka, Hiroyuki Koseki, Yayoi Matsuda, Hidetaka Hayashi, Sara Abedini and Kazuo Tanne
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:30
  15. The prevalence of food insecurity is an indicator of material well-being in an area of basic need. The U.S. Food Security Module has been adapted for use in a wide variety of cultural and linguistic settings a...

    Authors: Morteza Rafiei, Mark Nord, Atefeh Sadeghizadeh and Mohammad H Entezari
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:28
  16. Parents who perceive common infant behaviors as formula intolerance-related often switch formulas without consulting a health professional. Up to one-half of formula-fed infants experience a formula change dur...

    Authors: Carol Lynn Berseth, Susan Hazels Mitmesser, Ekhard E Ziegler, John D Marunycz and Jon Vanderhoof
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:27
  17. The intake of dietary fibre has been shown to reduce the risk of developing diabetes mellitus. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of commercial rye whole-meal bread containing whole kernels and w...

    Authors: Joanna Hlebowicz, Jenny Maria Jönsson, Sandra Lindstedt, Ola Björgell, Gassan Darwich and Lars-Olof Almér
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:26
  18. For cachectic patients with chronic respiratory disease (CRD), conventional enteral nutrition formula is an optional treatment to maintain energy balance. The molecular mechanisms by which enteral nutrition fo...

    Authors: Jun-ichi Ashitani, Nobuhiro Matsumoto and Masamitsu Nakazato
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:25
  19. Many clinical studies have demonstrated that early postoperative enteral nutrition (EN) improved the postroperative course. Post-pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD), patients tend to suffer from postoperative nausea,...

    Authors: Shigeyuki Nagata, Kengo Fukuzawa, Yukio Iwashita, Akira Kabashima, Tadahiko Kinoshita, Kenzo Wakasugi and Yoshihiko Maehara
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:24
  20. To provide an initial evaluation of insulin sensitivity and secretion indices derived from a standard liquid meal tolerance test protocol in subjects with normal (NFG), impaired fasting glucose (IFG) or type 2...

    Authors: Kevin C Maki, James M McKenney, Mildred V Farmer, Matthew S Reeves and Mary R Dicklin
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:22
  21. Dairy products are high in saturated fat and are traditionally a risk factor for vascular diseases. The fatty acids 15:0 and 17:0 of plasma lipids are biomarkers of milk fat intake. The aim of the present stud...

    Authors: Eva Warensjö, Annika Smedman, Birgitta Stegmayr, Göran Hallmans, Lars Weinehall, Bengt Vessby and Ingegerd Johansson
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:21
  22. To explore the point prevalence of the risk of malnutrition and the targeting of nutritional interventions in relation to undernutrition risk and hospital volume.

    Authors: Albert Westergren, Christine Wann-Hansson, Elisabet Bergh Börgdal, Jeanette Sjölander, Rosmarie Strömblad, Rosemarie Klevsgård, Carolina Axelsson, Christina Lindholm and Kerstin Ulander
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:20
  23. Aging is a process associated with physiological changes such as in body composition, energy expenditure and physical activity. Data on energy and nutrient intake adequacy among elderly is important for diseas...

    Authors: Maria Grace D Risonar, Pura Rayco-Solon, Judy D Ribaya-Mercado, Juan Antonio A Solon, Aegina B Cabalda, Lorena W Tengco and Florentino S Solon
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:19
  24. Several studies have examined the correlation between iron oxidation and H2O2 degradation. The present study was carried out to examine the protective effects of MRN-100 against stress-induced apoptosis in murine...

    Authors: Mamdooh Ghoneum, Motohiro Matsuura and Sastry Gollapudi
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:18
  25. Preventing weight gain rather than treating established obesity is an important economic and public health response to the rapidly increasing rates of obesity worldwide. Treatment of established obesity is com...

    Authors: Catherine B Lombard, Amanda A Deeks, Kylie Ball, Damien Jolley and Helena J Teede
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:17
  26. Studies have suggested that nitrates, nitrites, and nitrosamines have an etiologic role in adverse pregnancy outcomes and chronic diseases such as cancer. Although an extensive body of literature exists on est...

    Authors: John S Griesenbeck, Michelle D Steck, John C Huber Jr, Joseph R Sharkey, Antonio A Rene and Jean D Brender
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:16
  27. The repeatability of a risk factor measurement affects the ability to accurately ascertain its association with a specific outcome. Choline is involved in methylation of homocysteine, a putative risk factor fo...

    Authors: Aurelian Bidulescu, Lloyd E Chambless, Anna Maria Siega-Riz, Steven H Zeisel and Gerardo Heiss
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:14
  28. University students are commonly overlooked when diet of populations is measured and there is a lack of comprehensive dietary assessment in whole university student populations. To measure diet of undergraduat...

    Authors: Fiona Comrie, Lindsey F Masson and Geraldine McNeill
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:13
  29. The need to promote a healthy diet to curb the current obesity epidemic has today been recognized by most countries. A prerequisite for planning and evaluating interventions on dietary intake is the existence ...

    Authors: Anna Winkvist, Agneta Hörnell, Göran Hallmans, Bernt Lindahl, Lars Weinehall and Ingegerd Johansson
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:12
  30. The prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically. A direct comparison in the predisposition to obesity between males, premenopausal females, and postmenopausal females with various caloric intakes has not ...

    Authors: Jina Hong, Renee E Stubbins, Rebekah R Smith, Alison E Harvey and Nomelí P Núñez
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:11
  31. To explore the effects of increasing fruit and vegetable intake and the resulting effects on levels of circulating micronutrients in a community-dwelling population with an already high consumption of fruits a...

    Authors: Maria Cristina Polidori, Juan-Carlos Carrillo, Pablo E Verde, Helmut Sies, Johannes Siegrist and Wilhelm Stahl
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:10
  32. The relationship of dietary fiber to overall health is of great importance, as beneficial effects have been demonstrated with the use of fiber from diverse sources, some traditional, other novel. PolyGlycopleX® (...

    Authors: Ioana G Carabin, Michael R Lyon, Simon Wood, Xavier Pelletier, Yves Donazzolo and George A Burdock
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:9
  33. Adequate nutrition plays an important role in bone mass accrual and maintenance and has been demonstrated as a significant tool for the prevention of fractures in individuals with osteoporosis.

    Authors: Marcelo M Pinheiro, Natielen J Schuch, Patrícia S Genaro, Rozana M Ciconelli, Marcos B Ferraz and Lígia A Martini
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:6
  34. The persistence of an epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes suggests that new nutritional strategies are needed if the epidemic is to be overcome. A promising nutritional approach suggested by this thematic ...

    Authors: Gabriela Radulian, Emilia Rusu, Andreea Dragomir and Mihaela Posea
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:5
  35. Disturbances in intestinal microbial ecology and in the immune system of the host have been implicated as a part of the pathogenesis in chronic fatigue syndrome. Probiotic lactic acid producing bacteria have b...

    Authors: Åsa Sullivan, Carl E Nord and Birgitta Evengård
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:4
  36. A number of components in soy appear to have anticancer properties, including the isoflavones, genistein and daidzein. The use of soy by women with breast cancer is now being questioned because of the estrogen...

    Authors: Carolyn A Lammersfeld, Jessica King, Sharon Walker, Pankaj G Vashi, James F Grutsch, Christopher G Lis and Digant Gupta
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2009 8:2
  37. The prevalence of hypertension and its contribution to cardiovascular disease risk makes it imperative to identify factors that may help prevent this disorder. Extensive biological and biochemical data suggest...

    Authors: Gladys Block, Christopher D Jensen, Edward P Norkus, Mark Hudes and Patricia B Crawford
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2008 7:35
  38. To explore the extent to which people living with obesity have attempted to lose weight, their attitudes towards dieting, physical exercise and weight loss solutions, why their weight loss attempts have failed...

    Authors: Samantha L Thomas, Jim Hyde, Asuntha Karunaratne, Rick Kausman and Paul A Komesaroff
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2008 7:34
  39. We had found a 14% higher incidence of pneumonia with vitamin E supplementation in a subgroup of the Alpha-Tocopherol Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention (ATBC) Study cohort: participants who had initiated smoking...

    Authors: Harri Hemilä and Jaakko Kaprio
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2008 7:33
  40. In the past year Lebanon has been experiencing a nutritional transition in food choices from the typical Mediterranean diet to the fast food pattern. As a consequence, the dietary habits of young adults have b...

    Authors: Najat Yahia, Alice Achkar, Abbass Abdallah and Sandra Rizk
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2008 7:32

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