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Table 3 Adjusted Hazard Ratios (95% confidence intervals) of cause-specific Mortality according to baseline mushroom intake status among 15,546 participants

From: Association of mushroom consumption with all-cause and cause-specific mortality among American adults: prospective cohort study findings from NHANES III

Individual Mortality Cause Total # cases No Mushroom Intake Mushroom Intake
Cardiovascular diseases 1764 1(ref) 0.82 (0.56, 1.21)
Cancer 1235 1(ref) 0.77 (0.50, 1.19)
Alzheimer 140 1 (ref) 0.90 (0.31, 2.60)
Diabetes mellitus 225 1 (ref) 0.32 (0.06, 1.65)
aOther causes of Mortality 2407 1(ref) 0.93 (0.70, 1.23)
  1. Model 3: age (years), sex (male/female), ethnicity-race (non-Hispanic White, Non-Hispanic Black, Mexican American, others), US regions (Northeast, Midwest, South, West), place of residence (urban/rural), education attainment (years), marital status (married, widowed/divorced/separated, never married), BMI (< 24.9, 25.0–29.9, ≥30), moderate to vigorous physical activity (yes/no), alcohol (g/d), smoked 100+ cigarette in life (yes/no), total energy intake (kcal/d), fat (g)/1000 kcal/d), carbohydrates (g)/1000 kcal/d), fiber (g)/1000 kcal/d), and Healthy Eating Index-2000 score
  2. aOther reported cause-specific mortality included: chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents (unintentional injuries), influenza and pneumonia, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis and residual causes