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Table 1 Wide variability in Vitamin D dose and duration, type of patients enrolled, and whether anemia was present or not in randomized clinical trials

From: Vitamin D supplementation and hemoglobin: dosing matters in prevention/treatment of anemia

  Patients Anemia Vitamin D dose Vitamin D duration Total Vitamin D dose
Trautveffer 2014 Healthy adults No Fortified bread with 400 IU vit D3 daily 8 weeks 22,400 IU vit D3
Miskulin 2016a Adults with CKD Yes Oral dose of 50,000 IU vit D2 weekly 6 months 1,200,000 IU vit D2
Toxqui 2013 Adult Women Yes Fortified milk with 200 IU vit D3 & 15 mg iron daily 16 weeks 22,400 IU vit D3
Sooragonda 2015 Healthy adults Yes 0.6 Lakh Amp vit D3+ Amp iron once Once 600,000 IU vit D3
Smith 2017 [7]a Healthy adults No Oral dose of 250,000 IU, vit D3 once Once 250,000 IU vit D3
Smith 2018 [6] Critically ill adults Yes Enteral dose of 50,000 IU (I1) or 100,000 IU (I2) vit D3 daily 5 days 500,000 IU (I1) vit D3
250,000 IU (I2) vit D3
Madar 2016 Healthy adults No I1 = tablet 1000 IU, vit D3 daily
I2 = tablet 400 IU, vit D3 daily
16 weeks 42,000 IU (I1) vit D3
16,800 IU (I2) vit D3
Hennigar 2016 Healthy adults No Fortified bar with 1000 IU vit D3 + 2000 mg calcium, 2 bars per day 9 weeks 126,000 IU vit D3
Ernest 2016 Adults with hypertension No Oral dose of 2800 IU vit D3 daily 8 weeks 156,800 IU vit D3
Ernest 2017 Adults with heart failure Some (23 of 172) Oral dose of 4000 IU vit D3 daily 36 months 4,032,000 IU vit D3
Jastrzebska 2017 Healthy adults No Oral dose of 5000 IU vit D3 daily 8 weeks 280,000 IU vit D3
Dahlquist 2017 Healthy adults No Sport drink with 5000 IU vit D3 once Once 5000 IU vit D3
Walentukiewicz 2018a Elderly women No Oral dose of 28,000 IU vit D3 weekly 12 weeks 336,000 IU vit D3
Panwar 2018 Adults with CKD Yes Oral dose of 0.5 mcg (20 IU vit D3) calcitriol daily 6 weeks 840 IU vit D3
  1. CKD Chronic kidney disease
  2. aHemoglobin not reported