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Table 1 Description of the food items included in the food categories

From: Reproducibility and relative validity of a semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire for the Chinese lactating mothers

Food categories
(Number of food items)
Food namea
Cereals and cereals products (9) Rice, Rice porridge, Millet, Black rice, Wheat noodle, Wheat bun / Wheat pancake, Clay over rolls, Wheat dough stick (deep fried), Fermented glutinous rice
Potatoes (3) Potato, Sweet potato and its products, Potato starch noodle
Coarse cereals (4) Corn, Corn flour (yellow, dried), Buckwheat, Job’s tears
Vegetables (46) Radish (white / red / green), Carrot (red / yellow), Cowpea / Snow pea / Kidney bean, Pale green soybean, Soybean sprouts, Sprout (Mung bean), Eggplant, Tomato, Okra, Chinese wax gourd, Calabash, Cucumber, Balsam pear, Pumpkin, Scallion, Chinese chive, Chives flowering stalk, Bok choi, Chinese cabbage, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Spinach, Celery, Endive lettuce, Coriander leaf, Amaranth, Chrysanthemum crown daisy, Shepherd’s purse, Lettuce stem, Water spinach, Seedling, Bamboo shoot, Daylily flower, Asparagus stem, Lotus root, Water bamboo, Yam, Taro, Straw mushroom / Button mushroom, Gold needle mushroom, Oyster mushroom, Wood ear fungus, Shitake mushroom, Silver ear fungus, Kelp, Laver
Fruits (28) Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Apricot, Date / Date (dried), Cherry, Grape / Raisin, Persimmon, Mulberry, Chinese kiwi fruit, Strawberry, Kumquat (oval), Pomelo, Pineapple, Jackfruit flesh, Longan / Longan (dried), Jujube, Mango, Papaya, Banana, Bayberry, Coconut, Loquat, Casaba / Hami cantaloupe, Watermelon, Durian, Dragon fruit
Meat (13) Pork, Pork (heart / liver / kidney / large intestine), Pork (ear), Pork (hoof), Pork (blood), Luncheon meat / Pork ham sausage / Pork (ham) / Pork floss / Pork (bacon), Beef, Beef (liver/tripe), Beef (tendon), Beef (tongue), Beef (dried), Lamb, Lamb (tripe / liver / large intestine)
Poultry (12) Chicken, Chicken (wing) / Duck (wing), Chicken (leg), Chicken (feet) / Duck (feet), Chicken (liver / heart / gizzard), Chicken (blood) / duck (blood), Duck, Duck (intestine / liver / gizzard), Duck (tongue), Goose, Goose (liver / gizzard), Pigeon / Quail
Aquatic products (15) Crucian carp, Grass carp / Black carp, Rice eel, Snakehead, Sliver carp, Goldfish carp / Common carp / Bream, Chinese perch, Yellow croaker (large / small), Abalone, Razor clam, Oyster, Scallop (fresh) / Clam, Sea cucumber (fresh), Squid (fresh), Octopus
Eggs (2) Hen's egg, Goose's egg / Duck's egg / Quail's egg
Beans and legume
Products (10)
Soybean, Tofu, Soybean milk, Soybean curd sheet (semisoft / thin strip / dried / rolled), Soybean curd slab (semisoft), Soybean milk powder, Mung bean and its product, Rea bean, Adzuki bean porridge, Other beans,
Milk and milk products (5) Milk, Whole milk powder, Full fat, Cheese, Cream / Butter / Canned
Nuts (7) Walnut (dried) / Wild walnut (dried), Chestnut (roasted), Pine-nut (roasted) / Almond kernel (roasted) / Cashew (roasted), Peanut, Sunflower seed (roasted) / Pumpkin seed (roasted) / Watermelon seed (roasted), Lotus seed (dried), Sesame (white and black)
Spices (2) Salt, Cooking oil
  1. aThe food name comes from China food composition tables (6th edition)