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Table 2 Consumption of iron rich foods among children aged 623 months, 2016 EDHS, Ethiopia

From: Spatial distribution of iron rich foods consumption and its associated factors among children aged 6–23 months in Ethiopia: spatial and multilevel analysis of 2016 Ethiopian demographic and health survey

S. No Food groups interviewed in the last 24 h. Consumption status
Good (%) Poor (%)
1 Has the child consumed eggs in the last 24 h? 16.81 83.19
2 Has the child consume meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc.) in the last 24 h? 5.95 94.05
3 Has the child consumed organ meat (liver, …) in the last 24 h? 3.89 96.11
4 Has the child consume fish or shellfish in the last 24 h? 1.31 98.69
Overall consumption of iron rich foods among children age 6–23 months 21.41 78.59