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Table 1 Food groups and their components in SFFQ

From: Validity and reliability of a simplified food frequency questionnaire: a cross sectional study among physical health examination adults in southwest region of China

Food groups Components
Cereal Rice, millet, sorghnm
Bread and noodle Bread, cake, noodle, flour, pizza
Tubers Potato, cassava, yam
Red meat Pork, beef, cow, goat, rabbit
Poultry Chicken, duck, goose
Aquatic products Fish, shrimp, aquid, crab
Haslet and processed meat products Haslet, sausage, ham, preserved meat
Eggs Boiled eggs, omelette
Dairy Milk, yaourt, yoghourt, cheese
Vegetables Leafy greens, chili, vegetables, green beans, vegetable juice
Phytocomycetes Mushroom, kelp, sea beans
Soy products Legumes, tofu, soy beans
Fruits Berries, dried fruits, fruits, fruit juice
Nuts Cashew nuts, walnuts, peanuts