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Table 1 The progression of message development from content extraction to message design and refinement using two examples

From: Developing and refining behaviour-change messages based on the Brazilian dietary guidelines: use of a sequential, mixed-methods approach

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Content extracted Whenever possible, make at least part of your food purchases in markets, fairgrounds, producer fairs, and other places where mostly fresh and minimally processed foods, including organic and agroecological based products, are marketed. The weakening of the transmission of culinary skills between generations favors the consumption of ultra-processed foods. Whenever possible, cook in company.
Messages developed Are your lists ready? Well, then you are ready to shop! Visit your local markets, fairs, and places where you can buy directly from the producers. You will find fresh and seasonal products at low prices. Shop here to save time and money. Cook from scratch and prepare your food instead of warming it up from a package. There are many different legumes, whole grains and vegetables to choose from! Try different recipes to add variety and explore all the fresh produce that Brazil has to offer.
Try shopping at markets, fairgrounds, and producer fairs. Not only would you save money buying foods with less pesticides, you will also be supporting local businesses/family agriculture. Many farmers markets use sustainable farming – your purchases will protect bio-diversity, natural resources. Don’t forget your shopping list!
Practice your culinary skills with a friend or family member if you need a small incentive to start. Including your children in the cooking process will stimulate them to acquire important skills.
More and more Brazilians choose to buy their groceries from local markets and directly from producers, supporting sustainable agricultural practices. Shop at these places to save money and buy food with less pesticides. Pass on culinary traditions to children! Let them choose the tasks they like best, but make sure they are age-appropriate.
Messages refined, post content validity Are your lists ready? Let’s shop! Visit your local markets, farmers markets or places where you can buy directly from producers. You will find fresh and seasonal foods at lower prices and your purchases will protect bio-diversity, natural resources. Try making your own food and avoid ready-to-heat meals. There are several varieties of fresh food to choose from. Try different recipes and explore what your region has to offer!
Brazilians increasingly prefer seasonal and regional foods! In addition to being tastier, they are cheaper and stimulate the local economy. Cooking can be enjoyable! Practice this skill with friends or family members if you need an incentive to start. Involving your children and making it a fun activity will encourage them to learn how to cook.