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Table 4 Associations between anthropometric parameters and folate intake, folate serum concentrations, and genes involved in folate metabolism in people aged 20–40 years; n = 421

From: Low folate intake and serum levels are associated with higher body mass index and abdominal fat accumulation: a case control study

 FM [%]Waist circumference [m]Hip circumference [m]WHR
ßpartial η2pßpartial η2pßpartial η2pßpartial η2p
Sex, male−0.500.205< 0.0010.240.035< 0.001−0.260.047< 0.0010.210.030< 0.001
Low DFE intake [μg/day]0.110.014<< 0.050.380.002NS0.060.002NS
Serum folate level [ng/ml]−0.090.012< 0.05− 0.170.042< 0.001− 0.060.003NS−0.130.061< 0.05
DHFR, major allele0.020.001NS0.010.012NS0.150.005NS−0.030.001NS
MTHFR, major allele−0.020.001NS−0.000NS0.650.000NS0.040.001NS
  1. p values < 0.05 were considered significant
  2. Abbreviations: FM Fat mass, NS Not significant, WHR Waist-hip ratio
  3. The regression models were adjusted for total energy intake and diet quality (as continuous), and misreporting and physical activity (as categorical)