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Table 2 Determinants of serum folate and homocysteine concentrations in people aged 20–40 years; n = 421

From: Low folate intake and serum levels are associated with higher body mass index and abdominal fat accumulation: a case control study

 Serum folate concentration [ng/ml]Plasma Hcy concentration [μmol/L]
Folate intake [μ/day]0.039NS−0.102NS
HDI0.147< 0.010.06NS
Sex, male−0.036NS0.301< 0.001
DHFR, major allele−0.018NS−0.092NS
MTHFR, major allele−0.145< 0.01− 0.016NS
  1. P values < 0.05 were considered significant
  2. The regression models were adjusted for total calorie intake, misreporting, and physical activity
  3. Abbreviations: NS Not significant at p > 0.05, HDI Healthy Diet Indicator, Hcy Homocysteine