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Table 3 Proportion of stunted children in household by gender and food adoption status

From: The impact of food fortification on stunting in Zimbabwe: does gender of the household head matter?

 Household head gender:Difference
[F – M]
TotalFemale [F]Male [M]
Household adopted food fortificationYes [Y]0.2530.2420.257−0.015
No [N]0.2940.3020.2900.012c
Difference in means[Y – N]−0.040a− 0.060a− 0.033a− 0.027
  1. Notes: Sample size is 25,297. The fifth column shows the results of two-tailed t-test for the difference in the means. a, b, and c indicate the 1, 5, and 10% levels of significance