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Table 3 PCA-driven dietary patterns (DPs) identified in the total sample by principal component analysis: data from FFQ-6 questionnaire

From: Metabolically healthy obese and metabolic syndrome of the lean: the importance of diet quality. Analysis of MAGNETIC cohort

Food itemsFactor loadings
Western DPPrudent DPDairy, breakfast cereals & treats DP
Processed meats0.70  
Refined grain products0.56  
Animal fats0.54  
Red meats0.53  
Other edible fats0.45  
Sweetened beverages and energy drinks0.40  
Vegetables 0.62 
Whole grain products 0.64 
Fish 0.53 
Eggs and egg dishes 0.52 
Nuts and seeds 0.52 
Fruit 0.510.43
Vegetable oils 0.41 
White meat0.300.39 
Legumes 0.38 
Sweetened milk products  0.70
Milk, fermented milk drinks and curd cheese 0.440.54
Breakfast cereals  0.49
Sweets and snacks0.35 0.47
Variance explained (%)11.811.27.0
  1. Factor loadings of >|0.30| are shown in the table, therefore three dietary items (out of 26) are not presented for simplicity. Sorted by loadings from 1st to 3rd factor. Total variance in dietary variables explained by three patterns is 30.0%