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Table 2 Odds ratio (OR) of daily consumption of fruit, vegetables, potato chips, candy, sugar-sweetened beverages, artificially sweetened beverages, intervention vs control in Young-HUNT3 (n = 4747)

From: Time trends (1995–2008) in dietary habits among adolescents in relation to the Norwegian school fruit scheme: the HUNT study

OutcomeUnadjusted analysis (odds ratio, 95% CI)*Adjusted analysis (odds ratio, 95% CI)p-value (adjusted analysis) **
Fruit1.77 (1.25–2.51)1.75 (1.25–2.43)0.001
Vegetable1.13 (0.96–1.35)1.09 (0.92–1.29)0.289
Potato chips0.94 (0.70–1.25)0.95 (0.70–1.28)0.740
Candy0.92 (0.72–1.17)0.91 (0.70–1.18)0.498
Sugar-sweetened beverages1.06 (0.85–1.33)1.10 (0.87–1.39)0.419
Artificially sweetened beverages1.02 (0.85–1.21)0.99 (0.82–1.21)0.994
  1. *Adjusted for covariates grade, gender, educational intentions and urbanity in municipality
  2. The reference group for all outcomes was the control group