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Table 1 Food group classification

From: Food sources, energy and nutrient intakes of adults: 2013 Philippines National Nutrition Survey

Milk Vegetables Sweets
 Adult formula (fortified milk powder)  Dark green leafy vegetables  Sweet bakery products
 Cow’s milk (fluid and powdered)   Spinach   Cookies
 Other milk   Broccoli   Biscuits
 Cheese   Cabbage, green   Sweet breads
 Yoghurt   Local leafy/petioles/salad vegetables   Cakes
Meats/Fish/other protien sources  Deep yellow vegetables  Ice cream, popsicles
 Beef   Carrot  Candy
 Carabeef   Sweet potato, yellow  Sugar
 Pork   Cassava, yellow  Syrup
 Goat/lamb   Squash fruit  Preserves/jams/jellies
 Chicken   Squash, summer fruits  Native desserts/snacks
 Duck  Starchy vegetables  Sugar sweetened beverages
 Sausages/hotdogs   Sweet potato   Fruit-based beverages
 Luncheon meats/cold cuts   Potato   Concentrated fruit juice drinks
 Fish  Other vegetables   Powdered fruit flavored drinks
 Eggs  Vegetable products/processed vegetables   Soft drinks
 Beans/nuts Fruit & 100% fruit juice   Chocolate/chocolate flavor beverages
Grains & Grain products  Apple   Other sweetened beverages
 Refined rice  Avocado Mixed dishes
 Cereal  Banana  Meat-based mixed dishes
 Bread  Mango  Beans-based mixed dishes
 Crackers  Melon  Grain-based mixed dishes
 Pancakes, waffles, French toast  Citrus fruits  Soups
 Noodles  Cherries/berries Other foods & beverages
 Pasta  Papaya  Non-alcoholic beverages
 Corn grits  100% Fruit juice  Alcoholic beverages
 Cornmeal  fats/Oils  Savory snacks
 Fats  Condiments, sauces, herbs, spices, other seasonings