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Fig. 3

From: Severely malnourished children with a low weight-for-height have a higher mortality than those with a low mid-upper-arm-circumference: III. Effect of case-load on malnutrition related mortality– policy implications

Fig. 3

Percentage of SAM-related-deaths of children that would be excluded for treatment with a MUAC-only program by Region. Simulation see Fig. 1; Literature data from [17]; Empirical data from [16]; Case load data from [12]; CFRs Case fatality rates; SE Asia South East Asia; S Asia South Asia; DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo; CAR Central African Republic. The colour code is the same as Figs. 1 and 2. * Case load ratios from these countries is based on a small sample size. ** For Kenya the case load data comes from the North of Kenya (could be counted with Sahel). In bold are some of the countries whose governments have officially adopted a MUAC-only program (2017)

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