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Table 4 Percentage of individuals in each cluster in highest/lowest quartile of factor/index score; Newfoundland and Labrador Familial Colorectal Cancer Cohort (1999–2003)

From: Hypothesis and data-driven dietary patterns and colorectal Cancer survival: findings from Newfoundland and Labrador colorectal Cancer cohort

  Cluster I Cluster II Cluster III Cluster IV
Characteristics of Cluster Fruits and Veg, whole grain, fish, wine Meat, Dairy products, mixed dishes Sugar/ drinks, total cereals and grains (refined included) Many foods
Principle Component Analysisa
Processed Meat pattern 15.29 91.89 38.38 16.21
Prudent vegetable pattern 58.60 24.32 6.06 11.46
High Sugar pattern 17.20 10.81 16.16 35.18
Index based
DIIb 64.97 13.51 10.1 7.91
AltMed Dieta 36.31 8.11 6.06 9.88
RFSa 57.32 35.14 13.13 11.86
  1. DII Dietary inflammatory Index, AltMed Diet Alternate Mediterranean diet, RFS Recommended Food Score aHighest Quartile (reference) bLowest Quartile (reference)