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Table 1 Colorimetric coordinates of the white, red and black plates used in the study

From: Impact of three different plate colours on short-term satiety and energy intake: a randomized controlled trial

  L a b c H
White 88.88 −1.37 −2.44 2.79 240.73
Red 47.76 0.28 −1.46 1.49 280.99
Black 30.50 45.94 25.83 52.7 29.35
  1. L: The L dimension of the space is roughly proportional to log-luminance and captures perceived changes along the black–white achromatic colour continuum. a, b: The a and b dimensions define a chromatic plane with axes corresponding to the red–green and blue–yellow opponent continua. c: Chroma is the perceived strength of a surface colour and the degree of visual difference from a neutral grey of the same lightness. H: Hue is the attribute of appearance that is often colloquially called colour