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Table 2 DLW data availability in the systematic review of DLW in adults 65 years and over

From: Total energy expenditure in adults aged 65 years and over measured using doubly-labelled water: international data availability and opportunities for data sharing

Total number of publications shortlisted for author contact to obtain participant level data (n = 147)
Data availability Number of eligible publications (n=136a; %)
Data no longer retrievable by authors 34 (25.0)
Corresponding or primary author emailed twice with no responseb 43 (31.6)
Authors declined to participate 11 (3 groups of authors)(8.1)
Data available: have not yet been provided by authors 3 (1 group of authors) (2.2)
Total publications where data are unavailable 91 (66.9)
Data available: participant-level data extracted directly from published paper 15 (11.0)
Data available: participant-level data provided by authors 30 (22.1)
Individual publications where data are available 45 (33.1)
EXCLUDED DATA (ineligible)
Total publications where no participants were 65 years or over 10
Publications where data were recorded longitudinally 1
Total excluded data 11
  1. a147 studies minus the 11 ineligible studies
  2. bWhere no contact was made with authors, it was assumed for calculating data availability that these studies met the age criteria for inclusion