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Table 1 Comparison of nutrients between muffinsa

From: Resistant starch lowers postprandial glucose and leptin in overweight adults consuming a moderate-to-high-fat diet: a randomized-controlled trial

Nutrient HAM-RS2 Control
Energy (kcal)b 349.6 389.1
Available carbohydrate (g)c 70.5 71.6
Protein (g) 5.4 10.6
Fat (g) 5.1 6.6
Fiber (g) 30.9 11.4
  1. aNutrient analysis based on the amount consumed daily by each participant; 180 g cooked (baked) weight. Analysis conducted by Pope Labs, Irving, Texas using the following Official AOAC Methods: moisture 925.10; oil 923.03; ash 923.03; nitrogen 988.05A; total dietary fiber 991.43
  2. bEnergy does not include contribution from short chain fatty acids associated with fermentation
  3. cAvailable carbohydrate excludes fiber