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Table 2 Analysis of the flavanol content of Masquelier’s grape seed extract. The data were provided by the extract’s manufacturer

From: Masquelier’s grape seed extract: from basic flavonoid research to a well-characterized food supplement with health benefits

Compound Analytical method Content
Total polyphenols Spectrophotometric (GAE), n = 3 90–95%
Folin-Ciocalteau reagent (GAE), n = 3
Flavan-3-ols Vanillin-H2SO4 (Sun et al., [50]), n = 9 60–70%
HPLC, n = 14
Monomeric flavanols HPLC (every batch) 25–30%
Oligomeric flavanols (2–5 units) HPLC (every batch) 35–40%
Polymeric flavanols (>6 units) HPLC (every batch) 1–5%
  1. GAE gallic acid equivalence, HPLC high performance liquid chromatography