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Table 3 Correlations between coenzyme Q10 level and vitamin E, oxidative stress, antioxidant enzymes activity and inflammation in HCC patients after supplementation

From: Effects of coenzyme Q10 supplementation on antioxidant capacity and inflammation in hepatocellular carcinoma patients after surgery: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial

  Coenzyme Q10 level (μM)
ra (p values)
 vitamin E (μM) 0.30 (0.01)
Oxidative stress
 MDA (μM) −0.43 (0.01)
Antioxidant enzymes activity
 SOD (U/mg protein) 0.31 (0.01)
 CAT (U/mg protein) 0.24 (< 0.05)
 GPx (U/mg protein) 0.25 (0.04)
Inflammatory markers
 hs-CRP (mg/L) 0.12 (0.49)
 TNF-α (pg/mL) 0.01 (0.96)
 IL-6 (pg/mL) 0.00 (0.99)
  1. CAT Catalase activity, MDA Malondialdehyde, GPx glutathione peroxidase, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma, hs-CRP high sensitivity C-reactive protein, IL-6 interleukin-6, SOD superoxide dismutase, TNF-α tumor necrosis factor-α
  2. acorrelation coefficient