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Table 3 Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI) for Melamine

From: Melamine contamination in nutritional supplements - Is it an alarm bell for the general consumer, athletes, and ‘Weekend Warriors’?

Organization TDI Maximum Dose Comment
WHO 0.2 mg/kg (2008) Co-occurrence of melamine with cyanuric acid seems to be more toxic. Cyanuric acid 1,5 mg/kg (TDI).
50 kg person (10 mg)
Infant Formula - 1ppm
Foods - 2.5 ppm
EFSA 0.2 mg/kg (2010) In line with WHO (2008)
0.25 mg/kg (before 2010)
FDA 2.5 ppm (2008) “Acceptable” level – despite very few studies on melamine and human consumption
CAC Infant Formula – 1mg/kg United Nations Food Standards body
Food and animal feed – 2.5 mg/kg
SA 2.5 ppm In line with WHO (2008)
  1. World Health Organization (WHO), European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Food and Drug Administration, South Africa, Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC). (Accessed on the 10th December 2014)