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Table 2 Putative effects of high-glycemic load diets and salient CHD pathogenetic pathways

From: The mechanism by which moderate alcohol consumption influences coronary heart disease

Lifestyle Pathways, and pathway numbers corresponding to those in Figure 1 Refs.
Moderate alcohol consumption a. 1-12-↓ LDL-33-51-↓ hypercholesterolaemia a. [3,7,8,25,26,153]
b. 1-10-↑ HDL-31-↓ hypercholesterolaemia b. [3,7,8,25,26,153]
c. 1-14-↓ blood glucose-55-↓ hyperglycaemia c. [3,7,8,25,26,153]
d. 1-14-↓ blood glucose-54-69-↓ insulin resistance-70-89-↓ hypertension-100-↓ ROS-85-↓ inflammatory state d. [28,153]
e. 1-14-↓ blood glucose-54-69-↓ insulin resistance-72-↑ vasodilation e. [128]
  1. ↑ denotes up regulation/increase, ↓ denotes down regulation/decrease, x-y-z indicates pathway connecting x to y to z. HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; ROS, reactive oxygen species.