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Table 5 Comparison of urine iodine contents of women volunteers (as the same volunteers) with treatment before and after consuming iodine enriched eggs in Ban Nong Nok Kean village and Ban Kew village

From: Consuming iodine enriched eggs to solve the iodine deficiency endemic for remote areas in Thailand

  Median urine iodine contents
  Ban Kew village Ban Nong Nok Kean village
Before consuming iodine enriched eggs 6.87 7.11
After consuming iodine enriched eggs 20.76 13.09
F-test P < 0.001 P < 0.001
Statistical signification ** **
Number of volunteers 57 53
  1. ** highly statistical significant as P value < 0.001
  2. Note: There were 14 volunteers (12 in Ban Nong Nok Kean village and 2 in Ban Kew village) that dropped out during the study.