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Table 1 Nutrient content of experimental treatments

From: Efficacy of different strategies to treat anemia in children: a randomized clinical trial

Nutrient Daily dose by treatment
Iron † (mg) 20 12.5 10 10 6.7
Zinc (mg)    10 10 5.6
Thiamine (mg)    0.6   
Riboflavin (mg)    0.55 0.8  
Pyridoxine (mg)    0.74   
Vitamin B12 (μg)    0.55 0.7  
Folic Acid (μg)   50 37.5 50  
Vitamin C (mg)    30 40 44.4
Vitamin A (UI)     1349  
Vitamin E (mg)     6  
  1. Iron supplement (IS), iron plus folic acid supplement (IFS), multiple micronutrients supplement (MMS), micronutrient fortified complementary food as porridge powder (FCF), or zinc, iron and ascorbic acid fortified water (FW).
  2. *Intake depended on the amount of water used for cooking in each family in addition to drinking water, thus the value represents the average daily intake in the children studied (0.89 L/d).
  3. † FCF form of iron is reduced iron; all other treatments have ferrous sulfate.