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Table 2 Composition of a single serving portion of the test meal with 200 g of rice

From: A single consumption of curry improved postprandial endothelial function in healthy male subjects: a randomized, controlled crossover trial

Component Control Curry
Energy (kcal)a 492 481
Protein (g)b 15 16
Fat (g)c 11 10
Carbohydrate (g)d 82 82
Dietary fiber (g)e 3 3
Sodium (g)f 1 1
  1. aModified Atwater methods.
  2. b Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method (conversion factor: 6.25).
  3. cEther extraction method.
  4. dCarbohydrate was calculated from protein, fat, ash (direct ashing), and moisture (oven drying at 105°C for 16 hours).
  5. eModified Prosky method.
  6. fInductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry.