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Table 1 Criteria of the hepatic aspects considered and relative scoring system for ultrasonographic diagnosis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

From: Tocotrienols for normalisation of hepatic echogenic response in nonalcoholic fatty liver: a randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial

Criteria Score
Liver/kidney parenchyma  
a) Homogeneous echotexture and absence of significant contrast with kidney parenchyma 0
b) Slight increase in liver/kidney echodiscrepancy 1
c) Extreme echodiscrepancy between liver and kidney 2
Portal vein walls clarity  
a) Clear definition of portal vein walls and structures 0
b) Decreased definition of portal vein walls and structures 1
c) Blurred visualisation of portal vein walls 2
Posterior echo-penetration  
a) Clear definition of hepatic structures from diaphragm 0
b) Decreased definition of liver and diaphragm structures 1
c) Blurred diaphragm with loss of definition 2
  1. (Adapted from [12]).