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Table 2 Results in the most demanding part of the WM-tests following five weeks daily dietary supplementation with 3 g omega-3 PUFA from fish oil or placebo, respectively 1

From: Effects of supplementation with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on cognitive performance and cardiometabolic risk markers in healthy 51 to 72 years old subjects: a randomized controlled cross-over study

(max 24 credits)
Omega-3 Placebo
60 min2 14.8±0.6a 13.7±0.5b
160 min 14.5±0.5a 13.8±0.5a
Total (60+160 min)3 29.3±0.9a 27.5±1.0b
  1. 1The data shows results for the most demanding part of the tests, i.e. recall of a noun in semantically nonsensical sentences. Data are given as means per treatment ± SEM, n = 38. Labeled means in a row without a common letter differ, 2 p = 0.01, 3 p = 0.015 (ANOVA).