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Table 5 Summary of 3 on-going studies

From: Synbiotics, probiotics or prebiotics in infant formula for full term infants: a systematic review

On-going studies Location Inclusion criteria Treatment used in study groups, n = Outcomes, Estimated date of completion
Cabana 201057 USA >37 weeks gestation, birth weight >2500 g and < 4500 g, 14±3 days of age on enrollment, singleton birth, non- breastfed, not received solid foods. 1) Study group 1: Test starter infant formula Primary: Weight gain (g/day) at 14 to 112 days of life (4 months)
    2) Study group 2: Test starter infant formula with synbiotics  
    3) Control /placebo group: Standard formula Secondary: Tolerance, morbidity, protein status, metabolic markers December 2011
Zegerman 200958 Israel 37th and 42 week gestation, birth weight > 2500 g, recruitment age: 0–28 days, non-breastfed 1) Study group 1: Dietary Supplement: probiotic microorganism and/or prebiotic Primary: weight, length, head circumference
    2) Dietary Supplement: probiotic microorganism and/or prebiotic Secondary: Microbiology August 2012
    3) Dietary Supplement: probiotic microorganism and /or prebiotic  
Ye 201059 Singapore > 37 weeks to < 42 weeks gestation, singleton birth. Age at enrolment < 14 days old 1) Study group 1: Standard infant formula with prebiotics Primary: Mean Weight gain
    2) Study group: Infant formula with synbiotics Secondary: Digestive tolerance December 2011