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Table 1 Foodscan 113 - the foods tested

From: Randomised controlled trial of food elimination diet based on IgG antibodies for the prevention of migraine like headaches

Dairy Kiwi Duck Spinach
Cows milk Lemon Lamb Lettuce
Egg white Lime Pork Mustard mix
Egg yolk Melon mix Turkey (cabbage, broccoli,
  (honeydew,   cauliflower,
Fish watermelon, Nuts brussel sprout)
Crustacean mix cantaloupe) Almonds Onion
(crab, lobster, Olive Brazil nut Pea
prawn, shrimp) Orange Cashew Pepper
Fish mix (cod, Peach Coconut (capsicum)/paprika
haddock) Pear Hazelnut Potato
Mollusc mix Pineapple Peanut Soya bean
(oyster, mussel, Plum Walnut String bean
scallop) Raspberry   
Oily fish mix Strawberry Grains Other
(mackerel, herring) Tomato Barley Carob
Plaice/Sole   Buckwheat Cocoa bean
Salmon/Trout Herbs/Spices Corn (maize) Coffee
Tuna Chilli pepper Gluten (gliadin)* Cola nut
  Cinnamon/clove Millet Hops
Fruit Coriander/cumin/dill Oat Lentils
Apple Garlic Rice Mushroom
Apricot Mint mix (mint, Rye Sunflower seed
Avocado sage, basil, thyme) Wheat Sesame seed
Banana Mustard seed   Tea
Blackberry Nutmeg/peppercorn Vegetables Yeast
Blackcurrant Parsley Asparagus  
Cherry Vanilla Aubergine  
Cranberry   Carrot  
Cucumber Meats Celery  
Grape Beef Haricot bean  
Grapefruit Chicken Kidney bean  
  1. *A positive (IgG reaction) to gluten is not diagnostic of celiac disease