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Table 4 Examples of comments on factors that would improvise acceptability and consumption frequency of bitter melon-containing food dishes.

From: Strategies to improve palatability and increase consumption intentions for Momordica charantia(bitter melon): A vegetable commonly used for diabetes management

Recipes Comments to the question "How could this dish be better so that you would consider eating it?"
Chili ➢ "Use more beans, they help temper the bitterness; needs stronger flavor (try adding chipotle pepper)"
  ➢ "I think this is a great way to incorporate bitter melon."
  ➢ "Onions and garlic"
  ➢ "Adding more sweetener"
  ➢ "More rice"
  ➢ "Add salt"
  ➢ "Needs more spices; I like spicy chili"
  ➢ "I think meat could overpower the bitterness"
Tomato Sauce ➢ "Less bitter, less hard chunks"
  ➢ "Don't like bitter food; needs meat"
  ➢ "It could be better with more sugar."
  ➢ "This was very good! It would be very good with scallops, as they have a nice contrasting 'sweetness'."
  ➢ "Maybe a little more spices"
  ➢ "More garlic"
  ➢ "I thought the flavor, texture, & seasoning were all pretty good. Maybe if some cheese were added it would make it more appealing."
  ➢ "Still quite bitter, but the spices actually cover it well. The spiciness is quite strong."
Curry ➢ "Way too bitter; needs meat"
  ➢ "It would be better with more gravy"
  ➢ "Maybe add other veggies; it was really bitter."
  ➢ "Could have more curry and spices"
  ➢ "More salt and spice; too plain"
  ➢ "Stronger curry spice; garlic would help; and spice peppers"
  ➢ "More garlic"
  ➢ "More sugar or I would eat it when I'm sick."
Minestrone Soup ➢ "Make it more sweet or salty to cover up the bitter after taste."
  ➢ "This would actually be a really good dish with a little more garlic and salt."
  ➢ "Less pepper taste; love the veggies (carrot & corn)"
  ➢ "The spices really contribute a lot to this dish and bitter melon taste is minimal; maybe more spices or tomato flavoring?"
  ➢ "Add meat"
  ➢ "More herbs and seasoning"
  ➢ "I liked that it was flavored well and that the bitter melon flavor was pretty well balanced. I wouldn't change it."
  ➢ "Less bitter"
  ➢ "It was too bitter; maybe use less bitter melon. More garlic might be good."