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Archived Comments for: Acute reduction of serum 8-iso-PGF2-alpha and advanced oxidation protein products in vivo by a polyphenol-rich beverage; a pilot clinical study with phytochemical and in vitro antioxidant characterization

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  1. Questions

    Douglas Kalman, Miami Research Associates

    25 July 2011

    Thank you for posting and publishing this study.

    A few questions:

    1. Why utilize a IRB from Mexico when the study was apparently conducted in the United States? It appears that the study was conducted at a site in Orange County and there are plenty of California-based IRB's available for study and study conduct review and approval (i.e., Aspire IRB). Please explain.

    2. Why allow such puffery as in this press release ( since the product that appeared to be studied had over 10 ingredients and not just one that is promoted in this press release, this appears to water down the science and weaken the overall study.

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    I have no competing interests or conflicts of interest to declare

  2. In reference to comment entitled 'Questions'

    Andrea Melendez-Acosta, BioMed Central

    26 July 2011

    The article to which this comment refers was not press released by Nutrition Journal nor BioMed Central (the journal publisher). The journal or the publisher has no connection with the website or author of the piece mentioned in the website above.

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    I am a Journal Development Manager at BioMed Central