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Table 1 Contributions of fresh and processed meat and poultry item clusters to protein foods in the HEP

From: Healthy U.S.-style dietary patterns can be modified to provide increased energy from protein

Item clusters in the red meat and poultry food subgroupsa Representative Food Contribution to Protein Foods (%) Contribution to Food Subgroup (%)
Red meat   38.21 100
 Beef Beef, round, eye of round, separable lean only, roasted 9.06 23.71
 Beef, ground Ground beef, 97% lean, patty, pan-broiled 10.36 27.12
 Game meat Deer, top round, lean only, steak, broiled 0.35 0.91
 Lamb Lamb, domestic, leg, separable lean only, choice, roasted 0.32 0.83
 Liver Beef, liver, pan-fried 0.23 0.61
 Pork, fresh Pork, fresh, sirloin chops, boneless, lean, broiled 4.88 12.76
Subtotal   25.2 65.94
 Sausage Turkey sausage, reduced fat, brown and serve, cooked 2.53 6.62
 Luncheon meats, beef Frankfurter, beef, low fat 3.35 8.75
 Luncheon meats, pork Ham, sliced, extra lean 4.72 12.34
 Pork, cured Pork, cured, ham, whole, separable lean only, roasted 2.42 6.35
Subtotal   13.02 34.06
Poultry   29.39 100
 Chicken Chicken, meat only, roasted 24.37 82.9
 Turkey Turkey, meat only, roasted 1.6 5.44
Subtotal   25.97 88.34
 Luncheon meats, poultry Turkey breast, sliced, prepackaged 3.43 11.66
Subtotal   3.43 11.66
Total red meat and poultry   67.62  
Fresh   51.17 76
Processed   16.45 24
  1. aContributions calculated from data used by USDA in the development of the U.S. Healthy Style Eating Pattern (HEP) [22]. Consistent with the DGA, the meat group in this study includes beef, pork, lamb, goat, and game meat, all in either unprocessed (fresh) or processed forms, while the poultry group includes chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, duck, goose, and game birds, likewise all in unprocessed (fresh) or processed forms. Lean meat or poultry therefore includes both fresh and processed forms