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Table 1 ICD-9 Codes for Vitamin Deficiencies & Disorders

From: Clinically-diagnosed vitamin deficiencies and disorders in the entire United States military population, 1997–2015

Deficiency/Disorder Specific Nutritional Problems Included in Category (ICD-9 code description) ICD-9 Code
Thiamine (B1) Deficiency Beriberi 265.0
Other and Unspecified Thiamine Deficiency 265.1
Riboflavin (B2) Deficiency Ariboflavinosis 266.0
Niacin (B3) Deficiency Pellagra 265.2
Pyridoxine (B6) Deficiency Vitamin B6 Deficiency 266.1
Folate (B9) Deficiency Folate Deficiency Anemia 281.2
Vitamin B12 Deficiency Pernicious Anemia (Vitamin B12 Malabsorption) 281.0
“Other Vitamin B12” Deficiency Anemia 281.1
Folate & Vitamin B12 Deficiency Other Megaloblastic Anemias 281.3
Other B-Complex Deficiencies Other B-Complex Deficiencies 266.2
Unspecified B-Complex Deficiencies 266.9
Vitamin A Deficiency Vitamin A Deficiency with Conjunctival Xerosis 264.0
Vitamin A Deficiency with Conjunctival Xerosis & Bitot’s Spot 264.1
Vitamin A Deficiency with Corneal Xerosis 264.2
Vitamin A Deficiency with Corneal Ulceration and Xerosis 264.3
Vitamin A Deficiency with Keratomalacia 264.4
Vitamin A Deficiency with Night Blindness 264.5
Vitamin A Deficiency with Xerophthalmic Scars of Cornea 264.6
Vitamin A Deficiency with Other Ocular Manifestations 264.7
Vitamin A Deficiency, Other Manifestations 264.8
Vitamin A Deficiency Unspecified 264.9
Conjunctival Xerosis Due to Vitamin A Deficiency 372.53
Vitamin C Deficiency Ascorbic Acid Deficiency 267
Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets, Active 268.0
Rickets, Late Effects 268.1
Osteomalacia, Unspecified 268.2
Unspecified Vitamin D Deficiency 268.9
Vitamin K Deficiency Vitamin K Deficiency 269.0
Deficiency of “Other Vitamin” Deficiency of “Other Vitamins” 269.1
Unspecified Vitamin Deficiency 269.2
Excess Vitamin A (Hypervitaminosis A) Hypervitaminosis A 278.2
Hypercarotinemia 278.3
Excess Vitamin D (Hypervitaminosis D) Hypervitaminosis D 278.4