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Table 5 Common examples by beverage category

From: Trends in tap and bottled water consumption among children and adults in the United States: analyses of NHANES 2011–16 data

Beverage category Most commonly reported examples
Water, tap Tap water
Water, bottled Bottled water (still)
Milk and milk beverages Whole milk, 2% milk, 1% milk
Milk substitutes Soy milk, almond milk
Citrus juices Orange juice (canned/bottled), orange juice (w/calcium), orange juice (NFSa)
Non-citrus juices Apple juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, fruit juice blend, fruit juice (NFSa)
Soda, regular Sugar-sweetened beverages, carbonated
Soda, diet Sweetened beverages, carbonated
Ready to drink (RTD) tea pre-sweetened tea, tea NFSa presweetened with sugar
Ready to drink (RTD) coffee pre-sweetened coffee, coffee NFSa presweetened with sugar
Fruit drinks (regular & diet) Fruit juice drink, fruit flavored drink (made from powder), fruit juice drink (w/vitamin C)
Sports drinks (regular & diet) Gatorade, Powerade
Energy drinks (regular & diet) Red Bull
Coffee and tea Regular coffee (from ground), decaffeinated coffee (from instant), unsweetened tea
Flavored & enhanced water Carbonated water (unsweetened), Glaceau water, sweetened carbonated water (e.g., tonic)
Alcoholic beverages Beer, lite beer, red wine
Other beverages Meal replacement beverages
  1. a NFS Not further specified