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Table 1 Timeline for key events and collection of outcome data for the NUTS trial

From: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial to test the acceptability and adherence to 6-months of walnut supplementation in Chinese adults at high risk of cardiovascular disease

   Follow up 24 weeks
Week −2 −1 0 1 2 12 25a
Months    0    3 6
Pre-intervention screening
 Information sheets distribution       
 Consent for pre-screening      
 Informed consent       
 Assessed for eligibility       
 Disease history       
 Medication use       
 Food Frequency Questionnaire       
 Dispense walnuts (intervention groups)      
 Dispense non-edible gifts (control group)    
Endpoint collection
 Blood pressure      
 Fasting blood      
 Anthropometric measurementsb      
 24-h dietary recall      
 Adherence and acceptability (intervention groups)     
  1. a 25 week or early withdrawal; b Weight, height, waist and hip circumference measurements