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Table 2 PCA coefficients for the 20 indicator food groups included in the 20-group diet quality score

From: Development of a short food frequency questionnaire to assess diet quality in UK adolescents using the National Diet and Nutrition Survey

Food group Principal Component Coefficient
Positive Coefficients
 Other fruit not canned 0.28
 Nuts and seeds 0.24
 Salad and other raw vegetables 0.23
 Tap water only 0.21
 Wholemeal bread 0.20
 Apples and pears not canned 0.19
 Other vegetables (including homemade dishes) 0.18
 Beans and pulses (including ready meals and homemade dishes) 0.17
 Leafy green vegetables not raw 0.16
 Tomatoes (raw) 0.16
Negative Coefficients
 Sugar −0.03
 Baked beans −0.04
 Whole milk −0.04
 Crisps and savoury snacks −0.05
 White bread −0.06
 Meat pies and pastries (manufactured) −0.06
 Burgers and kebabs purchased −0.10
 Manufactured coated chicken/turkey products −0.13
 Chips, purchased including takeaway −0.17
 Soft drinks not low calorie, carbonated −0.18