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Table 1 Overview of nudging interventions in TIPPME as defined by Hollands et al. [10]

From: The effects of nudges on purchases, food choice, and energy intake or content of purchases in real-life food purchasing environments: a systematic review and evidence synthesis

Intervention type Definition
Availability To add or remove (some or all) products or objects to increase, decrease, or alter their range, variety, or number
Position To alter the position, proximity, or accessibility of products or objects
Functionality To alter the functionality or design of products or objects to change how they work, or guide or constrain how people use or physically interact with them
Presentation To alter visual, tactile, auditory or olfactory properties of products, objects or stimuli
Size To alter size or shape of products or objects
Information Add, remove, or change words, symbols, numbers or pictures that convey information about the product or object or its use