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Table 3 Qualitative and quantitative validation results (n = 9)

From: Validation of a roadmap for mainstreaming nutrition-sensitive interventions at state level in Nigeria

  Strongly agree (%) Agree (%) Neutral (%) Disagree (%) Strongly disagree (%) Qualitative quotes
Understanding 43.8 43.0 13.20 All agriculture related sections are clearly understood.
Translation 43.0 43.6 13.4 No additional cost can be seen as high for goal achievement.
Budgetary allocation is usually grossly inadequate.
Acceptability 51.3 38.6 10.3 The roadmap stratifies and aligns to the ministry.
Demand for a roadmap 26.3 73.7 The roadmap address issues on goals, training, employment, and integration.
Implementation 90.9   9.1 Sections or recommendations are likely not be executed (institutional independence, develop indicators). (Staff) well trained to implement them (roadmap). The roadmap is well-articulated, and the programmes contained therein are capable of addressing the identified problem.
(Implementable) with commitment and political will.
Practicality 36.4 54.6 9.1 No budgetary allocation or plan. The problem is how these will be sustained.
The state has many problems to address therefore, choices will be made on which issues to address. This may take longer as funds are limited.
Integration 37.5 62.5 The roadmap can help the Ministry of Social Welfare to rise up to its challenges.
Political buy-in 100 Proposal should be sent to the stakeholders for a joint meeting to discuss the roadmap.