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Table 2 Domains of the validation tool

From: Validation of a roadmap for mainstreaming nutrition-sensitive interventions at state level in Nigeria

Domaina Description of the domain Number of items assessed for domain b
Understanding Ease of roadmap and roadmap contents comprehension 4
Translation Measures facilitators of translation such as appropriateness, context nuances and budget feasibility of the roadmap 4
Acceptability Perception, satisfactoriness and organizational fit of the roadmap 5
Demand for a roadmap Perceived existing demand and ability of roadmap to address existing gaps in programs 3
Implementation Measures possible execution of all sections and actions listed in the roadmap 4
Practicality The ability of existing financial and human resources to implement the roadmap 2
Integration The roadmap’s ability to fit into the current programming sustainably 3
Political buy-in The Ministry’s support for adoption of roadmap 1
  1. aDomain is the main assessment areas
  2. bNumber of items assessed for domain are single items that measured in each domain