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Table 2 A sample of the behavior-change messages developed based on the Brazilian Dietary Guidelines

From: Developing and refining behaviour-change messages based on the Brazilian dietary guidelines: use of a sequential, mixed-methods approach

Message theme Message
Ultra-processed food A growing number of Brazilians choose to avoid ‘ultraprocessed foods’. Their means of production, distribution, marketing and consumption damages the environment and interferes with the preservation of food culture.
Planning and organization of meals Plan your meals in advance to help organize food purchases and cooking. Remember: planning saves time, money and effort.
Shopping and food purchase Prioritize fresh, seasonal and local produce. Besides being tastier and cheaper, they help the local economy and are less polluting to transport.
Cooking and division of labor Vegetables are the easiest foods to incorporate into meals. They can be prepared in several ways - eaten raw, or baked, sautéed, or roasted. Try them as salads, soups, or as an accompaniment to rice and beans!
The act of eating Share meal time with family, friends or co-workers, when possible. Eat at the table and try not to be distracted by the TV or your cellphone. Meals times can be very enjoyable!