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Table 2 Association Between Sex-specific Dietary Patterns, Baseline Cognition, and Cognitive Change Over 3 Years

From: Sex differences in the relationship between dietary pattern adherence and cognitive function among older adults: findings from the NuAge study

 UnadjustedAdjusted a
Women b
 Time−0.470.06< 0.001− 0.480.06< 0.001
 Prudent Diet0.650.230.0040.400.260.12
 Prudent Diet × Time−−
 Western Diet−0.360.230.11−0.310.270.26
 Western Diet × Time−−
 Time−0.630.07< 0.001−0.640.07< 0.001
 Prudent Diet0.530.260.040.310.260.22
 Prudent Diet × Time0.040.070.550.040.070.54
 Western Diet−0.710.250.005−0.650.290.02
 Western Diet × Time−−
  1. a Adjusted for age, education (< 12, ≥12 years), energy intake in kcal, BMI, diabetes, and hypertension; b Additionally adjusted for estrogen past or current estrogen use in women