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Table 2 Exploratory factor analysis of 16 items of Attitudes toward functional Foods in the students

From: Assessment of attitudes toward functional foods based on theory of planned behavior: validation of a questionnaire

Questions Factor’s Loading
Attitude Perceived Control Subjective norms
Functional foods promote my well-being (T1) .855   
Functional foods help to improve my mood (T2) .836   
My performance improves when I eat functional food (T3) .862   
I can prevent disease by eating functional foods regularly (T4) .664   
For a healthy person it is worthless to use functional foods (T5) .329   
If I do not know what is in a food, I will not try it (T7)   .668  
I don’t eat things I have never had before (T8)   .851  
I like to try the new food (T9)   .383  
My family’s view is that eating functional foods is beneficial to health (T11)    .744
Today, most health professionals approve of functional foods (T12)    .682
Among my friends are those who eat functional foods (T13)    .576
My family encourages me to eat functional foods (T14)    .766
Most people who care about me think that eating functional foods is good for health (T15)    .783
Nutritionists recommend eating functional foods (T16)    .751
I may show food allergy by eating functional foods (T17)   .437  
Functional foods are acceptable to me, even if they taste worse than conventional foods (T21)   .317