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Table 5 The odds ratio of being overweight or obese, n = 421

From: Low folate intake and serum levels are associated with higher body mass index and abdominal fat accumulation: a case control study

 OR (95% CI)p
Sex, male0.85 (0.55–1.30)NS
DFE intake [μg/day]0.98 (0.62–1.54)NS
Serum folate concentration [ng/ml]0.98 (0.96–0.99)< 0.05
HDI0.95 (0.81–1.11)NS
Misreporting0.27 (0.16–0.46)< 0.001
Physical activity0.78 (0.56–1.30)NS
  1. p values < 0.05 were considered significant
  2. Abbreviations: BMI Body mass index, CI Confidence interval, HDI Healthy Diet Indicator, NS not significant at p > 0.05, OR odds ratio
  3. Associations between BMI and folate intake and serum folate concentrations was calculated using logistic regression. The model was adjusted for total energy intake. Serum folate concentration was treated as continuous