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Table 1 Study timeline

From: Reducing cardiometabolic risk in adults with a low socioeconomic position: protocol of the Supreme Nudge parallel cluster-randomised controlled supermarket trial

TIMEPOINT Enrolment T0 (baseline) T1 (3 months) T2 (6 months) T3 (12 months)
 Eligibility screening     
 Informed consent     
 Allocation to mobile PA app      
 Control supermarkets  
 Supermarkets with nudges  
 Supermarkets with nudges and pricing strategies  
 Participants with control app  
 Participants with mobile PA app  
Population characteristics
  Household size      
  Smoking status      
  Medical history      
  Medication use  
Primary outcome
  Systolic blood pressure    
  Healthy dietary intake  
Secondary outcomes
  Diastolic blood pressure    
  Total cholesterol    
  Total cholesterol/HDL-ratio    
  Waist circumference    
  Walking behaviour  
  Healthy food purchases  
  Food decision styles  
  Nudges and social cognitive factors  
  Walking behaviour and social cognitive factors  
  Customer satisfaction  
  Technology acceptance     
  Acceptance of nudges     
  Digital health literacy      
  Food-related behaviours      
  Price awareness and perception      
  Supermarket proximity      
  Shopping style  
  Shopping at other supermarkets  
  1. LDL: low density lipoprotein, HDL: high density lipoprotein, HbA1c: glycated haemoglobin, PA: physical activity