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Table 2 Differences in intakes reported by photo method across all measurement days (n = 57 total) according to review question status

From: “Everyone can take photos.” Feasibility and relative validity of phone photography-based assessment of children’s diets – a mixed methods study

  Spearman’s rho1 Mean intakes (dl/d) 
All daysAnswer receivedNo answerNo questionAnswer receivedNo answerNo question
Categoryn = 57n = 19n = 20n = 18RecallPhotoDiff. (%)RecallPhotoDiff. (%)RecallPhotoDiff. (%)
Fruit and vegetables0.655**0.853**0.593**0.437 2.922.18−252.391.30−461.951.37−30
Energy dense foods0.742**0.684**0.605**0.792**0.490.5260.360.07−800.530.38−28
Sweet drinks0.812**0.846**0.921**0.651**1.211.03−150.880.71−190.990.80−19
  1. 1 Correlation between intakes measured by photo method and intakes measured by 24HR
  2. Answer received = a review question was sent in the evening, and an answer was received. No answer = a review question was sent but no answer was received. No question = a review question was not sent on that day
  3. Diff. = Difference
  4. ** P < 0.01