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Table 2 Relative validity of sodium intake estimated by the Sodium AnaLysis Tool and 3, 24-h recalls

From: Development and validation of a sodium AnaLysis tool (SALT)

Sodium Intake mg/day mean ± SDSignificance SALT2 vs m24HRMean Difference SALT2 vs m24HR mg/dayPearson’s Correlation Coefficient SALT2 vs m24HR mg/day
SALT2m24HRP valueaMeanb%cCrude rVariance ratiod (S2w/S2be)De-attenuated rcf
2735 ± 11742742 ± 9800.96−7−0.30.202g0.490.400
  1. SALT Sodium AnaLysis Tool, SALT1 the first SALT, SALT2 the second SALT, m24HR the mean of the 3, 24-h recalls
  2. SD standard deviation
  3. a paired t-test: t (99) = 0.05; Cohen’s d < 0.02
  4. b mean difference for SALT2 vs m24HR calculated as SALT2 - m24HR
  5. c % mean difference for SALT2 vs m24HR calculated as (SALT2 – m24HR)/m24HR) × 100
  6. d Variance ratio was calculated from 3, 24-h recalls
  7. e S2w/S2b within-person variation/between-person variation
  8. f de-attenuated r (rc) calculated as rc = ro√[+S2w/S2b]/n, (ro = observed correlation and n = number of replicates)
  9. gp < 0.05