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Table 2 Characteristics of included studies in the systematic-review1

From: Effects of resistant starch interventions on circulating inflammatory biomarkers: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

First Author, Year (Ref)Study designCountryAge rangeGenderParticipants (Intervention/control)Intervention TypeDuration/weekIntervention DoseNotes about subjectsStudy qualityoutcome
Aliasgharzadeh et al. [26]RCT-parallelIran30–65F30/25resistant dextrin/maltodextrin810type 2 diabetesGIL-6, TNF-a, CRP
Peterson et al. [17]RCT-parallelUnited States35–75M/F29/30HAM-RS2/Amylopectin1245prediabetesFTNF-a
Alfa et al. [27]RCT-parallelCanada30–50M/F21/21MSprebiotic/amioca1230Healthy subjectsGTNF-a, CRP
Karimi et al. [20]RCT-parallelIran30–65F28/28Hi-maize 260/ maltodextrin810type 2 diabetesGCRP
Tayebi Khosroshahiet al [18].RCT-parallelIran≥18M/F23/21HAM-RS2/waxy starch820 g/d during first 4wk and 25 g/d during second 4 wkpatients on maintenance hemodialysisGCRP
IL-6, TNF-a
Meng et al. [28]parallel, open-label trialChina18–80M/F34/36high-RS,low-protein flour1217Patients With Early Type 2 Diabetic NephropathyP
Laffin et al. [29]RCT-parallelIran M/F9/11HAM-RS2/regular wheat flour820 g/d during first 4wk and 25 g/d during second 4 wkend-stage renal disease patientsGIL-6, TNF-a
Esgalhado et al. [30]Pilot RCT-parallelBrazil≥18M/F15/26Hi-maize 260/manioc flour416hemodialysis patientsGIL-6, CRP
Pourghassem Gargari et al. [31]RCT-parallelIran30–65F28/32Hi-maize 260/maltodextrin810type 2 diabetesGIL-6, TNF-a, CRP
Lambert-Porcheron et al. [32]randomized cross-overFrance20–65M/F20/20high slowly digestible starch/low slowly digestible starch610healthy overweight subjects with metabolic riskPTNF-a, CRP
Schioldan et al. [33]cross-overDenmark39–75M/F19/1967 g dietary fiber(16 g arabinoxylan+ 21 g RS)/ 18 g dietary fiber (4 g arabinoxylan+ 3 g RS)1021Metabolic syndromePIL-6
Gholizadeh Shamasbi et al. [34]RCT-parallelIran18–45F31/31resistant dextrin/ maltodextrin1220polycystic ovarian syndromeGIL-6
Penn-Marshall et al. [35]cross-overUSAMean: 36.6 ± 1.55M/F15/15Hi-maize 260/no RS812Subjects at risk for type 2 DM.PCRP
  1. CRP C - reactive protein, IL-6 interleukin 6, G good quality, F fair quality, P poor quality, RS resistant starch