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Table 6 PSM estimates of gender heterogeneous treatment effects on stunting

From: The impact of food fortification on stunting in Zimbabwe: does gender of the household head matter?

Type of FortificationProxy of Food Fortification AdoptionHousehold head is FemaleHousehold head is Male
Industrial Fortification:Ever heard about Fortified foods [1 if Yes, 0 if No]− 0.0451b− 0.0255c
(0.02235)(0. 01298)
Able to identify fortified foods on the market [1 if Yes, 0 if No]−0.0379c− 0.0225c
(0. 02060)(0.01142)
Purchased any fortified food product in the past 30 days [1 if Yes, 0 if No]−0.0602a−0.0187
Supplementation:Fed child (6–23 months) meals with micronutrient powders in the past 30 days [1 if Yes, 0 if No]−0.0798b− 0.0239
Biofortification:Ever heard about Bio fortified Crops [1 if Yes, 0 if No]−0.0942b−0.0415b
  1. Notes: Sample size is 25,297. Robust standard errors in parentheses. a, b, and c indicate the 1, 5, and 10% levels of significance