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Table 2 Post-transplant outcome relative to nutritional support

From: Enteral nutrition protects children undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation from blood stream infections

 EN group (n = 14)PN group (n = 28)p
 Neutrophil, days, mean17.3116.860.78
 PLT > 20*109, days, mean35.6723.140.04
 PLT > 50*109, days, mean36.4030,890.45
 Duration of G-CSF, days, mean11.6210.460.51
Oral mucositis:
 Grade 3–4, n, (%)5 (35.7)3 (10.7)0.10
 Duration, days, mean13.4613.540.98
 Grade I-IV, n, (%)6 (42.9)13 (46.4)1.00
 Grade III-IV, n, (%)1 (16.7)5 (38.46)0.52
 Gut aGvHD, n, (%)4 (28.6)8 (28.6)1.00
 Gut aGvHD +++/++++, n, (%)0 (0)5 (17.9)0.08
 Steroid Resistant Gut aGvHD, n, (%)0 (0)6 (21.4)0.06
 BSI, n, (%)2 (14.3)15 (53.6)0.02
 Duration of fever in the first 30 days post HSCT, days, mean8.0011.210.07
 Length of Antibiotic therapy in the first 30 days post HSCT, days, mean18.5419.380.65
VOD, n, (%)2 (14.3)5 (17.9)1.00
Length of hospital stay, days, mean71.860.10.28
Transfer to ICU, n, (%)2 (14.3)3 (10.7)1.00
Nutritional Support:
 Length of nutritional support, days, mean20.7130.710.09
 Start of oral realimentation, days, mean20.8526.960.08
Nutritional Parameters
 Lowest weight, Kg, mean29.7836.630.31
 Maximum weight loss %, mean11.59.90.44
 Weight loss > 10%, n, (%)7 (50)9 (32.2)0.30
Metabolic Parameters:
 Albumin transfusions, U, mean6,3113.790.14
 Hypophosphatemia, n, (%)8 (57,1)21 (75)0.10
 γGT and/or direct bilirubin elevation, n, (%)11 (78,6)24 (85.7)0.26
  1. Abbreviations: EN= Enteral Nutrition, PN= Parenteral Nutrition, PLT= Platelets, G-CSF= Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor, aGvHD= Acute Graft versus Host Disease, BSI= Blood Stream Infections, HSCT= Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, VOD= Veno Occlusive Disease, ICU= Intensive Care Unit, γGT= Gamma.glutamyltransferase
  2. Statistical analysis used to calculate the P value: qualitative variables were compared using Fisher’s exact test, while means were compared with t-test corrected in case of unequal variances. p < 0.05 were considered statistically significant and underlined in the table