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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of pregnant women in West Gojjam Zone

From: Effect of guided counseling on nutritional status of pregnant women in West Gojjam zone, Ethiopia: a cluster-randomized controlled trial

VariablesIntervention group (n1 = 313)Control group (n2 = 332)P
Frequency (%)Frequency (%) 
Number of clusters1111 
Age (years)
  < 2025(8.0)16(4.8) 
  > =3558(18.5)71(21.4) 
Educational status
 No formal education260(83.1)262(78.9) 
 Formal education53(16.9)70(21.1)0.180
Occupational status
Marital status
 Unmarried/ Divorced5(1.6)1(0.3)0.087
Husband education (n = 308,n = 331)
 No formal education238(77.3)244(73.7) 
 Primary education50(16.2)63(19.0)0.575
 Secondary and above education20(6.5)24(7.3) 
Wealth index
Family Size
  < 5215(68.7)240(72.3) 
  > =598(31.3)92(27.7)0.316
  1. IG intervention group, CG control group